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4 Reasons You Need a Home Security System

Protect your home even when you’re in vacation mode with these helpful tips.


You’re probably a responsible homeowner who turns off all the lights before you leave the house, right? And you triple-check to make sure every door and window is locked? Well, even if you are, there is still a possibility that a thief may trespass onto your property while your home is unattended. Whether you live in a three-storey home, an apartment, or even a college dorm, there are safety measures you should consider before leaving your belongings unattended.

These simple tricks and hacks could be the difference between a warm homecoming or a devastating blow to your bank account.

1. Make Your House Look Occupied

I know saving energy is important, but if you’re going to be out for a short period of time, consider leaving one of your lights on to make it look like someone is at home. Or you could put in a timer for your light, but it may be costly. I wouldn’t go to the extremes like Weekend at Bernie’s, but the point is to not tempt thieves.

2. Don’t Allow Mail to Build Up

Having a pile of mail in front of your door is a sure sign that you’re not home. You can make arrangements with your post office to hold off on delivering mail, or have a trusted neighbor keep it safe until you get home. They’ll probably steal a few flyers or the latest issues of your favorite magazines, but that’s a risk worth taking.

3. Deactivate Your Garage

One of the entries to your home you may forget about is the garage. If you deactivate the garage from opening and closing, it makes it difficult for thieves to enter. They’ll have to make a lot of noise and commotion trying to open it.

4. Get a Home Security System

This is the most obvious and helpful tip of all! Get a home security system! There are many on the market, and depending on your needs, they could cost you thousands. Some systems require installation by professionals and others require you to remember keypad codes for entry. These are great for big homes and businesses with many different people constantly entering the premises.


Not All Security Systems Are Made Equal!

Did you know that the average time for a burglar to break into a home is 57 seconds? Did you know that some burglars still attempt to break into homes even when they see a security camera present? That’s because cameras only watch things happen, they don’t prevent anything.

Out of all the security systems that we’ve tested, we found one that does an amazing job of startling thieves as they enter a home. This innovative system will alert you when there’s unexpected movement in your home and has two-way audio, so you can communicate with the trespassers. This is a non-violent and effective way for you to give them a warning before you decide to call the authorities.


Here are the top key features:
  • Voice activation
  • Live-streaming
  • Two-way audio
  • Remote pan and tilt
  • Night vision
  • Motion detection
  • Connects by Wi-Fi
  • 1080p
  • Easy setup


Night vision

Imagine this: You’ve been called last minute to fly halfway around the world for an important business trip that you can’t miss. You call the sitter to stay a few nights with the kids and hop on the plane. With the FamilyGuard Pro, you can talk to your kids and monitor what they’re up to even when you’re thousands of miles away. This is the perfect way to stay connected and close to your loved ones when you can’t be there. The FamilyGuard Pro Pro also has pan and tilt, night vision, and motion detection so you can always have a watchful eye on your belongings.


Save Thousands With FamilyGuard Pro

Aside from the obvious reasons to get a home security system, you could also save thousands on homeowner’s insurance premiums. Being a responsible home owner could not only save your belongings but save you money. It's about time you get rewarded for making smart choices!

The next time you’re planning a vacation or if you’re unsure if it's safe to leave your home unattended, just remember these important tips that could save you the headache and stress of filing a police report. Or even worse, not being able to replace priceless sentimental valuables.