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Innovative New Device Makes Apple TV and Amazon Firestick Look Like Cheap Toys.

Friday, October 20, 2017 | Sponsored by TrendyTech Media

If you watch any TV at all, you NEED to read about this revolutionary new way to watch TV (even sports!) that allows you to finally get rid of cable completely

How many times have you thought about cutting cable, only to give up knowing that you’d be missing the game, or because your favorite show isn’t on Netflix? It’s super frustrating because you end up paying for hundreds if not thousands of channels you don’t care about. It’s not like the cable companies are ever going to lower their prices. But a new device on the market changes all of that…

A Better Way to Get Video and More to Your TV

It’s called Mobile Screen Cast. The concept is super simple. Rather than adding another complicated device to your entertainment system, Mobile Screen Cast just makes use of a device you already use daily: Your Smartphone! Using sophisticated MirrorProjection® technology, this neat new tech gadget sends all video and audio wirelessly from your phone directly to your TV, essentially turning your phone into a wireless home-theater system.

Got a big game coming up that you just can’t miss? Try these apps:

  • CBS Sports
  • WatchESPN
  • Sport TV Live
  • MLB.TV
  • College Sports Live

Binging the last season of your favorite show to catch up for the new season? These apps got you covered:

  • Sling TV
  • YouTube TV
  • Crackle
  • Fox Now
  • Yahoo View

Plus, you can still use all the apps you’re already familiar with like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video. Literally, anything you can do on your phone can go right on your TV! Mobile Screen Cast: even works from your tablet or laptop, so you’ll always have a way to connect.

Just a Few Easy Steps to Watch Your Favorite Shows, Movies, and More

It’s so easy to set up, anyone can do it, all the way from you seven-year-old nephew to your 86-year-old grandma. Just follow these three simple steps:

Plug your Mobile Screen Cast
into a power outlet
Connect the HDMI cable
to your television set
Follow instructions shown
on screen and start watching!

No more fumbling around with tricky remotes or learning a new interface you don’t understand. And, with the wireless casting technology, you won’t need to leave your phone next to the TV or anything. Simply plug Mobile Screen Cast into your TV, and you can watch everything on the big screen.

“I was able to watch so much through Mobile Screen Cast, I cancelled cable and I’m saving a ton each month!”

So Many Uses, The Possibilities Are Endless

Don’t get stuck in the mindset that Mobile Screen Cast is only good for watching TV at home. It also has a ton of other great uses including:

  • Dazzle the office with a presentation straight from your device
  • Enjoy watching hilarious YouTube videos with friends
  • Play mobile games on a bigger screen than ever before
  • Browse the Internet from your phone without having to squint to read
  • Listen to music using your TV’s surround sound speakers
  • Share your latest vacation photos on the big screen easily with Family
    and Friends

What’s Comes with My Mobile Screen Cast?

Your Mobile Screen Cast device includes the attached HDMI cable, power cord, and even includes a tethering cable for connecting your phone, tablet, or laptop directly to the Mobile Screen Cast device (in case you don’t want to go wireless).

No Batteries Required No Internet Necessary No Need for any Remote

Compact and portable, Mobile Screen Cast is perfect for travel and 100% legal*, so you can take it anywhere you go.

BONUS: Introducing the Mobile Screen Cast Library

For a limited time, your Mobile Screen Cast purchase will also include unrestricted lifetime access to the brand new Mobile Screen Cast Library, completely free of charge.

This library combines all the top free content apps including Box TV, YouTube, TED, and FIFA, and thousands more. It also has search tools to help you find popular shows and content in multiple languages. You can even use it to discover the world of virtual reality, a truly mind-blowing experience you have to see to believe!

Redefine the Way You Watch TV

Stop paying an outrageous amount for cable. Don’t waste money on other expensive devices that needlessly complicate your entertainment center.

Say goodbye to your difficult-to-use smart TV and tiny screens. Say hello to Mobile Screen Cast!