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What can the Smart Watch really do? Here is our report.

What is One Step Watch?

This special wristwatch from One Step Watch monitors your blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen supply around the clock. So you are always safe and know your heart rate and can act quickly in an emergency. Even at night you are safe with this watch, because the Fitness Tracker records everything to give you complete security with your health.

Smart Watch, formerly known as Aktiv Watch, has been given a new name: One Step Watch!

Why do I need this Smartwatch?

Especially people - and especially men - who are under enormous stress and have already existing health problems can use this Smartwatch to monitor their oxygen supply, blood pressure and heart rate. Everything will be recorded for you and you will receive an all-round report on your state of health in a live version. Even at night, your health is closely monitored by the clock and your sleep is recorded, so you know exactly how your sleep is going and whether there are any problems with sleep apnea or a too high resting pulse, which can be very harmful and dangerous in the long run.

One Step Watch Evaluation and recommendation

This innovation in fitness watches now has the great advantage of not only logging your daytime physical activity, as most other watches of this kind do, but now you can also record your nightly sleep. Especially those people who sleep badly or do not know exactly how they sleep and where their health problems or inner restlessness may come from will find more answers and help with this watch. For this reason this One Step Watch stands out from all other watches of this kind and could be a great help for your health. However, if you are not so much into smartphone and watch monitoring, this watch is probably not for you.

One Step Watch technical facts

The One Step Watch has a sensor with which your blood pressure, your heart rate and your oxygen supply are detected and recorded. It also connects to iOS and Android and can alert you when notifications and calls are received. It also has a Fitness Activity Tracker that counts and records calories, distance, and steps to track your daily fitness. The watch is waterproof IP67 certified. The battery's longevity lasts more than 150 days and does not need to be recharged every day. You can also monitor your sleep mode on the Smartwatch, so you can see whether you are in deep sleep, light sleep or waking up. The watch's display has an Ultrasonic OLED display.

One Step Watch Test

This fitness tracker in wristwatch format offers you a full range of features in combination with your smartphone. It even answers your phone calls without you having to get your phone out. The fitness tracker design of the watch is modern, colorful and yet simple. It looks like an ordinary wristwatch, but by measuring your heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen supply, it has already been called a "lifesaver's watch". Because unlike ordinary wristwatches, it helps you keep an eye on your health at all times, even if you sometimes forget.

On a stressful day, your blood pressure can go off track quickly and you won't notice it. One look at your watch and you'll see that it's better to shift down a gear. But unlike other fitness trackers, this watch also gives you the ability to control your sleep. If it turns out that your resting pulse is too high and your stress level is rising, you know that your health is at risk and you should improve your sleep through a change in diet, better sleep rituals or other things.

One Step Watch Reviews and Opinions

This Fitness Tracker is less suitable for those who don't like the progressive monitoring. However, if you are totally fascinated by such things, this watch will help you keep your eyes on your health and pay more attention to yourself. In combination with your smartphone, this Smartwatch offers you a comprehensive supply of everything you need to get through a stressful everyday life. Even at night, the One Step Watch offers you support to regulate and record your sleep and possibly even improve it. You can see how long it takes to fall asleep and sleep through. A light, modern and aesthetic wristwatch for all your fitness and health needs.

A user of this special watch is around forty and often has to do with heart stumbles. He could never say exactly how high his pulse was or his blood pressure. His heart often stalled and he needed a break. This Smartwatch now gives him a round-the-clock, all-round control of his heart rate and blood pressure, helping him to take more care of himself and get accurate readings. At night, the watch monitors his sleep and he could even see that it was often disturbed by apnea, causing his heart stumble. He is very grateful for this great Fitness Tracker!

Another user uses this Fitness Tracker mainly to increase his fitness and finds the recording of sleep very interesting and helpful. He could always track his physical activities with all the other fitness watches, but now he also finds it wonderful to record his rest periods! This way you get even more information to improve your fitness and support your own healthy lifestyle, which he thinks is great.
One Step Watch Smart Watch

Where can I order One Step Watch?

Unfortunately, this watch can only be ordered on the provider's website and nowhere else. But you will get a lot of discounts here and the more units you order at one go, the higher the quantity discount will be. If you order only one watch, you get a discount of up to 50 percent. If you order two watches immediately, you even get one of them for free. If you order three watches directly, two of them are completely free. And everything is delivered to your door free of charge. For a small extra charge, there's also a one-year warranty on the product. The "bestseller" is the package that contains three watches and two of them are free.