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My Camera-Crazy Father Used SkyCamHD Drone to Take Amazing Instagram Photos of Our Family Reunion on Father’s Day!


My father is in his fifties, but in the last few years he’s become crazy about Instagram and Facebook.

He has a new iPhone that he uses to take photos that are really good. He spends hours editing his photos and posting them online. For years, he’s been a big shutterbug. He loves his Canon cameras and lenses, and he spent thousands of dollars on them over the years.

I suppose that’s why he got so excited over our annual family reunion this year. He uses Instagram to stay in touch with the entire family. There are a lot of us who gather each year, and this year was going to be bigger than ever.

We were expecting more than 400 people to come from all over the country. We were all going to meet in a big State Park. It just so happened that we scheduled the reunion on Father’s Day. It was a day most of the family was celebrating anyway, and we were able to get a great spot at the park.

It was going to be great! We were going to barbecue, there were going to be rides and balloons for the kids, and all the Instagramers and bloggers in our extended family were going to cover the event (and try to outdo each other for the most exciting photos).

Uncle Dave was into video, and he had the latest Sony video cams. He had tripods, gimbals, just about everything needed to make pro quality YouTube clips.

I Got Dad a SkyCamHD Drone and He Was So Happy We Both Grinned!


Well, the family reunion finally came and the weather was great! We had the biggest turnout we’ve had in years.

Dad was running around taking photos like crazy with his iPhone and Uncle Dave was shooting videos of everybody with his expensive camera. Everyone was having a great time.

Dad was looking through all the footage and I think he was a little jealous. Even though he was taking great shots, he was envious of the angles, closeup portraits, and group scenes that other people were recording. After all, he wanted to have the best Instagram profile!

I asked Dad if I could look at his phone, and then I handed it back to him.

Suddenly, Dad froze. Then he cracked a HUGE smile and stared at his phone.

He started seeing magnificent aerial shots of the reunion. There were sharp, clear bird’s eye views of everyone from high up in the air. He looked at still videos of the food sizzling on the barbecue.

Everything was colorful, vivid and in sharp focus.


“KEN!” he said, “Where are these images coming from??!!”

I pointed in the sky and showed him a small, high quality drone that was hovering over us. I pointed to his phone again, and there we were, Dad and me photographed from up above.

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY, DAD!” I said. “I’m using your phone to control your new SKYCAMHD DRONE! It’s my Father’s Day present to you!!”

Dad was so happy! He loves new gadgets! For the next few hours, we bonded while I showed him how to use the drone.

All he needed to control it was his phone, using a simple app that comes for FREE when you buy the SKYCAMHD!

Dad is not really that great with phone apps, but in less than 10 minutes he was controlling the drone like a pro!

As it turned out, he ended up with the best photos and videos of the day. Even better than all the shots from Uncle Dave with all his expensive video gear!

Dad Said It Was the Best Father’s Day Present He Ever Got!

Now he uses SKYCAMHD all the time, for YouTube, for Instagram, and just to get great photos.

And he says it’s amazing fun just to be “able to fly”!

This Pocket Drone Helps Beginners Fly Like Professional Pilots!

A great feature about the drone is the navigation system. The SkyCamHD is controlled using only your smartphone. When your drone is set up, start with a few simple techniques and tricks.


Controlling your drone with your smartphone is easy and makes flying smooth and effortless. You can even take group shots or selfies and immediately send them to your friends or post them on social media!


The SkyCamHD is super durable, it’s almost impossible to crash. And if you do happen to crash, it will be ready to fly again as soon as you set it in the upright position. It is designed to be as shockproof as possible. This is a great feature for children, beginners and even professionals who are looking to have more fun flying.